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1, mechanical design engineers (5)
Requirements : Open-gender, age 25 to 45; More than 2002 jobs related work experience; Mechanical design, electromechanical or related professional college education; Computer skilled and familiar with AutoCAD software.

2, standardization Engineer (2)
Requirements : Open-gender, age 25 to 45; Mechanical relevant professional college degrees or higher, medium and large companies are involved in mechanical design or standardization work more than five years of work experience; With a strong ability to communicate and coordinate the implementation of standardized design drawings capacity.

3, the regional sales manager or engineer (10)
Requirements : Open-gender, age 22 to 40; Secondary or higher; More than 2002 product sales related work experience, extensive community relations; Engaged in solar energy, boiler or central air-conditioning and other related industry sales priority.

4, craft (2)
Requirements : Open-gender, age 24 to 40; Mechanical Specialty college education, and related jobs over two years work experience. Title assistant engineer, skilled and office use CAD software.

5, the after-sale maintenance technicians (5)
Requirements : male, 20 to 35 years old, two years over air-conditioning, appliance repair work experience; HVAC, refrigeration, electrical or electronic drainage professional secondary or higher; Loyalty work, a sense of service, strong communication skills; Be positive, not afraid of hardship; Their attention to the often - elephants and etiquette and good health.
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